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Since 1957 our team of Fellowship-Trained Surgeons has been committed to delivering quality care close to home.

We have a talented team of nationally-recognized specialists. Our trained surgeons are devoted to bringing state of the art care to their Connecticut community.  At Orthopartners, providers work as a team, ensuring each patient is in the right expert’s hands.  

By prioritizing a Patient First experience, we ensure all patients feel heard and understand their care plan. We will help you explore conservative and minimally invasive treatment before choosing a surgical option. 

We pledge to be your starting point and solution for your orthopedic needs, so you can receive the care you need with the trust and support of your local community. 

Board-certified, Fellowship-Trained Physicians and their team are here to serve as your starting point and solution for all of your orthopedic needs.

State of the Art Care

Growing in size and reputation, Orthopedic Partners offers the latest advancements in orthopedic treatment and rehabilitation.  We have the comprehensive diagnostic tools and elite specialists to correctly identify the cause of your pain, so you can explore a range of treatment options. 

Our specialists are continuously on the forefront of orthopedic and musculoskeletal research, therefore ensuring each patient has the best options available for a successful outcome. 

Complete Care Journey

Research shows patients recover faster and report greater satisfaction with their outcomes when they have a therapeutic relationship with their healthcare team.  

We pledge to provide seamless patient care from your intake through your full recovery. Additionally, you can visit our compassionate and talented occupational and physical therapists in the same building you see your surgeon. We know it feels better for you to complete your therapy and treatment with friendly faces you recognize every time you walk in our clinic.  

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