Complete Orthopedic Care

Physical & Occupational Therapy

Pain slows you down and wears you out.  Our compassionate and dedicated physical rehabilitation specialists will help you regain the strength, mobility, and energy you need to get back to the life you love.

Physical Therapy

Patient First Care to Help You Live Your Life in Full Motion

Physical Therapy

Whether it’s a targeted pre and post operative routine to optimize your surgical process or a complete preventative plan, our physical therapists combine manual therapy and exercise prescription to help you live the life you love again.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists will empower you  to take back your freedom  again,  giving you the tools, techniques, and strength to find your indolence after an injury.

Athletic Training

Our Athletic Trainers are skilled in everything from casting and bracing to guided exercise prescription and manual therapy to help you regain your strength and confidence in your body again.

Every Outcome Counts

Why Choose Us

Collaborative Care

You can feel comfortable and confident, knowing that our rehabilitation team works closely together and directly with your surgeon to provide the continuous and collaborative care you deserve.

Patient-Centered Care

You deserve to be heard. We will listen and respect your experience, values, needs, and preferences in the planning, coordination, and delivery of your care. At Orthopartners, you're not a name, you're a neighbor.

Every Outcome Counts

We pride ourselves on serving this community one patient at a time and are committed to delivering treatments that will decrease your pain and improve your mobility.

Cutting-Edge Tech

From comprehensive diagnostic testing to innovative conservative care and advanced surgical techniques, we provide state of the art, evidence-based care, pursuing minimally-invasive treatment and delivering unmatched care close to home.

Increased Access

You shouldn't have to wait or travel to receive the care you need. Our team works diligently to ensure you can schedule the treatment you need on your timeline in the comfort of your local community.

Complete Care Journey

Your treatment begins and ends with Orthopedic Partners. We're committed to providing a seamless patient experience with onsite physical therapy and pain management rehabilitation so you can achieve long-term health.

Rehabilitation Team

Our dedicated and compassionate rehabilitation team will guide you through your complete recovery journey, creating individualized strength and mobility programming to restore your confidence in your body and empower you to get back to the life you love. 


What Our Clients Say

"My grandfather has been receiving treatment from this facility for his back problems. They have always been very professional and able to accommodate his needs. Wonderful staff, kind front end."
– Daniel Edwards
"Saw Dr Anbari and had followup physical therapy with Kayla. Great experience. Very helpful."
– Michael Stadolnik