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Joint Replacement

When one of your major joints loses mobility, your life gets limited.  Our committed specialists will create a comprehensive care plan to help you to get back in the swing of your life again. 

Complete Orthopedic Care

Joint Replacement

Orthopedic Partners was founded with the commitment to bring quality care close to home. We recognize that if you or a loved one is injured, it’s more than painful – it’s stressful, confusing, and exhausting. We help you live the life you love again faster, on your schedule, and with nationally-recognized joint replacement experts you can trust to support you through your complete care journey. 

Offering the latest advancements in orthopedic treatment and rehabilitations, we recognize the importance of beginning with conservative and minimally invasive treatment.

From diagnosis, to treatments, second opinions, and surgeries, we will be here for you at every stage of your recovery. 

Every Outcome Counts

Why Choose Us


You can feel comfortable and confident, knowing that our surgeons are all specialists, with elite education, continuous training, and a career commitment to foot and ankle injury and rehabilitation.

Patient-Centered Care

You deserve to be heard. We will listen and respect your experience, values, needs, and preferences in the planning, coordination, and delivery of your care. At Orthopedic Partners, you're not a name, you're a neighbor.

Every Outcome Counts

We pride ourselves on serving this community one patient at a time and are committed to delivering treatments that will decrease your pain and improve your mobility through non operative and/or surgical treatment.

Cutting-Edge Tech

From comprehensive diagnostic testing to innovative conservative care and advanced surgical techniques, we provide state of the art, evidence-based care, pursuing minimally-invasive treatment and delivering unmatched care close to home.

Increased Access

You shouldn't have to wait or travel to receive the care you need. Our team works diligently to ensure you can schedule the treatment you need on your timeline in the comfort of your local community.

Complete Care Journey

Your treatment begins and ends with Orthopedic Partners. We're committed to providing a seamless patient experience with onsite physical therapy and pain management rehabilitation so you can achieve long-term health.


Our fellowship trained surgeons understand the complexities and latest advancement in knee care to help restore your mobility and strength with advanced repair and joint-replacement options to get you back on your feet faster.


Whether it’s an injury or arthritis, our surgeons are among the regions’ leaders in joint replacement with a focus on minimally-invasive techniques and integrated surgical care to help you get back on your feet again. 


Our fellowship-trained surgeons are experts in both non-operative therapies as well as cutting-edge surgical techniques, including arthroscopy, fracture fixation, and total shoulder replacement to help you restore full range of motion and embrace all life has to offer. 

Attending Physicians

Our priority is providing exceptional patient experiences through skilled treatment & superior service.

Hip Replacement FAQ Video

Knee Replacement FAQ Video

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Thoms was recommended to me for a TKR. The day of my surgery when I got home, my knee began bleeding. Dr. Thoms came to my home, checked my incision, and rebandaged my knee. He has been accessible to me throughout my healing. I am very grateful for the care of the entire team. I will be having my right knee done by them, too!
– Leslie Rice
Hip replacement. very impressed with Dr Thoms and his entire organization. I was fully prepared for what to expect every step of the way. His attention to detail is unmet by any other physicians I have. Bravo! Thanks for giving me the ultimate in care from start to end.
– Joann Martin
Just had left knee replaced Dec 20, 2016. Knee is now fully functional, Feb 2017, and planning on getting second knee done this summer. All nurses and PT raved about how precise and careful Dr Thoms is.
– John Schmidt
Dr Thoms performed hip surgery on me a while back and it turned out very well. I have recommended him to everybody I meet who has an orthopedic problem.
– Slickster Hall
Dr Thoms is the best. This is my husband's second total knee.
– Diane Secchiaroli
Thorough. Excellent in every way. From start to finish. I had a partial knee replacement. Very satisfied.
– Jill Corr
Did great work on my husband's surgeries.The best the very best in this area.
– Lisa Brown

Live the life you love again with individualized, experienced care