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Directions to our North Franklin Office 

Directions to our Niantic Office

Orthopedic Partners

82 New Park Avenue – North Franklin, CT 06254

11 Industrial Park Road, Niantic, CT 06357

Main Office: (860) 889-7345
Open: Monday through Friday

Therapy: (860) 823-6221
Open: Monday through Thursday; 7:00am–7:00pm;
Friday 7:00am-6:00pm; and Saturdays 8:00am–12:00pm

Service Directory

Appointments Orthopedic Office
(860) 889-7345 Press Option #1

Triage Nurse
For Dr. Anbari, Dr. Arcand,  Dr. Stanat or Dr. Stuart Ext. 1133

For Dr. Abella, Dr. Halperin, Dr. Kardestuncer, Dr. Paonessa,  Dr. Pasha, or Dr. Patel  Ext 1239

For Dr. Wei, Dr. Thoms, Dr. Piposar, Dr. Vafek, or Dr. Wagner – Ext 2270

All Prescription Requests – Ext 1157

Surgical Coordinators
To Schedule & Precert or for Questions Regarding a Scheduled Surgery
Ext 1107 (Dr. Anbari or Dr. Stuart)

Ext 1210 (Dr. Paonessa or  Dr. Stanat)

Ext 1109 (Dr. Arcand, or Dr. Halperin)

Ext 2294 (Dr. Thoms or Dr. Piposar)

Ext 1138 (Dr. Kardestuncer, or Dr. Patel)

Ext 2289 (Dr. Wei or Dr. Vafek)

Tests & Procedures
To Schedule & Pre-Certify

Ext 2294 (Dr. Thoms or Dr. Piposar)

Ext 2289 (Dr. Wei or Dr. Vafek

Ext 1158 (Dr. Anbari, Dr. Abella,  Dr. Paonessa, Dr. Halperin, Dr. Pasha, Dr. Stuart,

Ext 1158 (cont.) Dr. Kardestuncer, Dr. Arcand,  Dr. Stanat, or Dr. Patel)

X-Ray Requests
Ext 1105

Medical Records, Disability Forms, FMLA Requests
Ext 1130

Worker’s Compensation Records & Questions
Ext 1131

Financial Services
(860) 889-5934

Disability Forms/Ratings
(860) 885-7207

(860) 885-7236

Physical Therapy
(860) 823-6221

Fax Directory

To improve our efficiency and respond to your inquiries, please refer to the list below for dedicated fax numbers for specific requests.

Outside Physical Therapy Paperwork Fax:
(860) 823-2944

Financial Services Fax:
(860) 823-2953

Medical Records-Requests for Copies-Records & Test Results for Upcoming Appointments Fax:
(860) 823-2949 (Preferred), or (860) 885-7229

Pharmacy-Home Care Requests Fax:
(860) 885-7214

Surgical Authorizations-Medical Clearance for Surgery Fax:
(860) 823-2950