Karan Patel,

With his expertise and compassionate approach, Dr. Patel is a trusted partner in the journey toward a healthier, pain-free spine.

Dr. Patel

Dr. Karan Patel embarked on his medical journey after completing his undergraduate studies and enrolling at NYU School of Medicine. His zeal for orthopedic surgery led him to pursue a rigorous six-year residency program at NYU, followed by a coveted one-year spine surgery fellowship at Rush University in Chicago.

Within the intricate field of spine surgery, Dr. Patel discovered his true passion: minimally invasive spine surgery. This specialized approach aims to minimize the disruption to surrounding tissues, emphasizing precision, patient comfort, and great outcomes.

His commitment to patient-centered care goes beyond surgery. Dr. Patel emphasizes non-operative treatments, such as anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, and core muscle strengthening, ensuring surgery remains a last resort.

With fellowship trained experts in hip and knee conditions, shoulder ailments, and physical therapy, Dr. Patel can seamlessly collaborate with colleagues to provide holistic patient care.

Dr. Patel recognizes that a healthy spine is integral to overall well-being. He advocates for an active lifestyle, stressing the importance of regular exercise and maintaining a strong core. In today’s technology-driven world, he encourages mindfulness of posture to prevent spine-related issues caused by prolonged device usage.

Dr. Karan Patel’s commitment to enhancing the lives of his patients is evident in his holistic approach to spinal health. With his expertise, dedication, and the support of Orthopedic Partners, he continues to transform the landscape of spinal care, one patient at a time.

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